At D.D. International, we fulfil the requirements of our customers globally by adhering to a stringent manufacturing process. The basmati rice is hygienically processed and packaged in compliance with industry standards.

Rice milling is meticulously handled at DDI to ensure that our customers receive a superior quality product. We start by milling the paddy, removing the husk and bran layer to produce white rice. Rice is best milled at around 12% moisture content. The best results are attained when the process is completed in stages.

A multi-stage milling process wherein paddy passes through several different operations to produce higher-quality and yields of white rice.

Production Process


It is the first step in which the paddy is pre-cleaned to remove weeds, soil, seeds, etc.

Production Process


In this step, the husk, or outer layer of the paddy is removed through friction by passing it between two abrasive surfaces.

Production Process


Rice polishing is performed to remove the bran layer from the surface and improve the appearance of the rice.

Production Process

Grading and Sorting

In this step, the whole kernels are separated from the broken grains, followed by sorting the rice according to colour difference.

Production Process


The rice is prepared for transport to the customer in packaging adhering to the industry standard.

Production Process


This step includes the management of the by-products after the completion of the rice-milling process.